Review: Not What I Expected by Rita Eichenstein

I highly recommend this book for parents of atypical children: Not What I Expected (2015, Perigree Books) by Rita Eichenstein, PhD. Starting with the play on words on that other popular parenting book, you quickly perceive that Eichenstein is a wonderful, creative neuropsychologist who conveys her compassion for parents starting with the thwarting of their expectations for a healthy, normal child. The predominant theme in this book might be expressed in the saying, “Mourn the child you thought you had, then embrace the one you do.” The author uses the framework of the five stages of grief to give parents

Mindfulness Prescription for ADHD

Does it sound crazy to ask someone with ADHD to practice … focusing on one thing? For a relatively long time? Yes, it is counterintuitive. However, there is strong evidence that this simple activity works to reduce the side effects from ADHD, and that it can be learned by almost anyone, including younger children. The important take-away is that it is a skill that can be used, and produced on demand in a stressful situation, to improve the outcomes of everyday frustrations. Look at the picture on top of the page: it is full of details, and it’s hard to

ADHD Awareness Month, October, 2013

ADHD Awareness Month, October, 2013 It is not exactly a “Hallmark Moment” to celebrate, having ADHD every day of your life. However, there are many ways that we can learn how ADHD affects individual people whom we know, and how we can be more patient and understanding so that we reap the benefits of their gifts. This site, ADDitude, has many resources for any month of the year. In particular, though, there is an expert giving a free webinar, and I recommend it to anyone interested in this subject. His name is Thomas Brown, MD, and he’s written many excellent